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Move With Grace Dance Studio

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Move With Grace Dance Studio

400 Collier Macmillan Drive
Cambridge, ON    N1R 7H7


Move With Grace was incorporated in April 2004 with a clear vision that we would be different.  A focus group of industry professionals and parents was consulted in the construction of the concept looking to what works well in a typical dance studio and looking to improve on those ideas, but more importantly, what does not work well and how we could create a better dance facility.

Several unique propositions were adopted and Move With Grace was born.


  • Teachers, the process, the class, the student – all can be observed at all times.


  • Children should be treated with respect.  There is no need to motivate using punitive approaches, regardless of how it has traditionally been done.  There is no yelling or isolating students to make a point at our studio.


  • The instruction will be imparted by qualified adult instructor.  All of our teachers will be qualified adults.


  • Not every teacher is good at everything, set the ego aside.  Dance Studios typically have one owner teacher that does just about everything.  There are very few teachers that can truely be considered experts in all forms of dance.  We hire for attitude and specialization.   With 13 staff we have both specialized expertise in all of the areas we teach but also enough redundancy to cover when the main teacher is not available.


  • We will be part of your Childs influence, so we approach the process as a whole experience.  Age appropriate music, costuming, choreography and behaviour is used at all times.